Speed and rhythm of energy in our asana practice

Everyone has a different speed and internal current.

Knowing the energy (subtle) body is of vital importance. The energy body moves the physical body. Through diligent practice, we cultivate a greater awareness of the energy body.

The energy body determines the speed at which we move, when we move, the rhythm of the breath.

A group yoga class sometimes isn't the most conducive in allowing the body to move at its own speed, particular so if the class is a 'follow the leader' situation.

To go beyond purely callisthenics, cardio and flexibilty training, it's imperative to realise and honour the energy body - this is where the magic happens. The breath needs as much attention as the physical body. The breath is the life and soul of the party. A good posture is a posture where we can breath well.

In practice, we must honour the subtle anatomy as much as we do the physical anatomy. The two work hand in hand.

A professional teacher will be able to see the speed at which your body operates. But if you feel rushed in a class, then there is a chance that the subtle body is telling you that this isn't your correct speed. Don't jump through hoops just because someone tells you to. If you need to pause, pause. If you need to slow down, slow down. If you need another breath, take it.

Regardless of which system and discipline of hatha yoga you practice, honour the rhythm of your life force.

If our energy and breath is rushed, we can never experience our still point.