Guru Purnima 31st July

"Guru Purnima, is a review day of your growth. A day to see how much stronger and wiser you have grown in the past year. This review will bring you encouragement and strength."
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This year Guru Purnima falls on July 31st, it is always on the full moon.

The essence of Guru Purnima is reflection and gratitude. Guru Purnima is the day you reflect on your life and honor the wisdom that life has offered. When you reflect how wisdom has transformed your life, you feel grateful for all that has come your way. Celebrating this feeling of gratitude is Guru Purnima.

The observation of nature reveals truth. Watch the sun rise and set, the moon wax and wane. The flowers bud and fade. Life has so many things to teach us – it is our job to look to  develop the ability to truly ‘see’; yoga is the seeing.

What is right and what is wrong? What is real and what is unreal? Why is it that we chose that which isn’t right, or that which is? You don’t have to ask this question of somebody, something inside you tells you. You just have to listen. Something inside you tells you 'This is right'. Something inside you pricks you and tells you 'This is wrong'. Honor that! This is the Guru. Guru is made up of two root sanskrit words Gu and Ru. The Sanskrit root gu means darkness or ignorance, and ru denotes the remover of that darkness. 

If you don’t throw light on your own life, then the Guru aspect is absent. By reflecting on your life and honoring the wisdom that life has offered you, you honor the Guru because that wisdom is the Guru Principle. So the Guru is present within you! Wisdom is intrinsic in each and every one of us. It is the essence of yoga to throw light on our life, because when we throw light on our life, we illuminate our lives and wisdom dawns.

Make every day embody the essence of Guru Purnima, by honouring what life has taught you.