Yoga Class Booking - reserve your mat space.

Please book in advance to our classes to ensure a mat space.
There are two booking options, 'book and pay now' or 'book and pay later'.
If the class time / date is not displayed, this means that it is fully booked - You can email here to be on the waiting list.

Option 1. Book & Pay Now

If you would like to book a class or purchase a 10 Card Class Pass and pay now book here.

If NHS / STUDENT, please bring valid ID with you for your first class.

Yoga Class / Card Pass:
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Option 2. Book & Pay Later

If your payment method is cash, debit card, paypal, transfer, 10 Card Card Pass, coupons, other, please book here. (If the class time/date is not displayed, this means that it is fully booked - You can email here to be on the waiting list.)

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New to yogakutir? Please select your yoga experience. If you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER we recommend enrolling on one of the beginners courses to enable you to get the most out of your yoga practice.
Please mention any relevant medical history (e.g. heart problems, respiratory problems, blood pressure, arthritis, back problems, neck problems, pregnancy, detached retina, prolapsed disc, cancer, any serious injuries in the past, whether fully healed or not, etc.). Also mention if you are currently on any medication.
Please select the classes you wish to attend. (Class fully booked if not displayed below) *
If the class time/date is not displayed, this means that it is fully booked - You can email us to be on a standby list. Mat spaces can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance. Please notify us ASAP if you can no longer attend a class.

Class attendance & etiquette

For practically reasons, courtesy to fellow attendees and to enhance the class experience, please adhere to these class rules:

1) Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins so the class can start on time. The main door will be locked once the class starts.

2) Please leave ALL belongings (including telephones) in either the coat/cloak room area or on outside staircase. 

3) Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off or on flight mode.

4) Do not have anything in the yoga room other than any equipment and water necessary for practice.

5) Payments / checkins can either be made at the beginning or end of class.

6) If you need to leave early, please leave ALL belongings (including telephones) on the outside staircase and leave as quietly as possible so not to disrupt fellow attendees.

Thank you :)


Drop In.
60mins - £10 (£8 Concessions / Students)
75/90mins - £12 (£9.50 Concessions / Students)

10 Class Card Passes.
10 x 90 minutes: £100*
10 x 60 minutes: £80*
Mixer Card Pass (5 x 60min / 5 x 90min): £90*

Student / Concession Pass
10 x any class (60/90 mins): £70*

NHS Workers Pass
10 x any class (60/90 mins): £80*

*All class cards are valid for 3 months from first attended class