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Classes are inspired by our study of classical Hatha yoga in disciplines that include Dona Holleman's Centered Yoga system, Iyengar, Sivananda, Satyananda, Krishnamacharya, and Scaravelli. Hatha yoga focuses on the physical (asana) and pranayama (breath work) aspects of yoga. Hatha yoga can be powerful, gentle, dynamic and restorative. It can be practiced in many forms including vinyasa, mala and holding postures for a longer period. We are inspired by a broad range of practices which is reflected in the classes.

Classes includes Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and guided relaxation. Standing, inverted, forward bends, back-bends, sitting, balances and twistings are all taught. Each week there is a different focus. Working with gravity, anatomical precision and alignment, 'not doing', hara (energy centre), intension, universal forces, and total awareness, students are encouraged to uncover their own true posture.

Classes are instructed by experienced teachers Dory Walker & Rory Viggers


Class levels

We have new level classes added to the schedule.
If you are unsure of which class level is best for you, please
contact us and we can advise!


For complete beginners, those who have practiced a little, and for anyone that wishes to have a systematic introduction to some of the the theory and practise of yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation.
Beginners classes run in course format.

Level 1

New Class!
Those who have practiced a little yoga as well as anyone who has completed our Beginners Course and understands the basics. The class focuses on blueprint poses, principles and practices at a more relaxed pace than our All Levels classes. It's a stepping stone into the All Levels format. Also suitable for stiffer bodies, injury recovery and any age related restrictions. Not suitable for complete beginners.

All Levels

Levels 1 - 3
Suitable for everyone who already has a yoga practice. This is a mixed ability class but not suitable for complete beginners.

Level 1: Those who have practiced yoga and are familiar with the basics.

Level 2: Those who have a regular yoga practice for at least two years and are comfortable in head & shoulder balance

Level 3: Yoga teachers and those who have practiced regularly for over 5 years


(New!) Levels 2 - 3
Suitable for those with at least two years regular yoga practice and are comfortable in head & shoulder balance. If you attend one of our classes and have practiced for less than two years, or are unsure if this class is OK for you, please contact us and we can advise suitability.


NEW 2019 Yoga Timetable - Clifton
Starting Thursday 3rd January 2019!

Level 1, All Levels & Intermediate classes run as a standalone / drop in format. Beginners classes run as a course format.
Each week has a different focus and practice method.
> Advance booking required > Mats & equipment provided > New class pricing below.

Location: All classes take place at Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4BX


6pm - 7pm
All Levels (1-3)
Rory / Dory

7.15pm - 8.45pm Intermediate (2-3)
Rory / Dory


8pm - 9.30pm
All Levels (1-3)
Rory / Dory


6pm - 7pm
All Levels (1-3)
Rory / Dory

7.15 - 8.30pm
Beginners Course

Full details & booking
Starts 9th January 2019
Runs for 8 Weeks

8.45 - 10pm
Beginners Course
Full details and booking
Starts 16th January 2019
Runs for 7 Weeks


6pm - 7pm
All Levels (1-3)
Rory / Dory

7.15pm - 8.15pm Level 1
Rory / Dory


6pm - 7.30pm
All Levels (1-3)
Rory / Dory

Workshop - Inversions part I
20th January / 9am - 12.30pm
Full details and booking

January Yoga Day – Asana 108
27th January / 9.30am - 5pm
Systematically working through 108 different asanas in 9 sets of 12 different postures.
Full details and booking

Workshop - Inversions part II (variations)
24th February / 9am - 12pm
Full details and booking


2019 Class Pricing

Class prices: 
60 minutes - £11 (£9 Cons / Students)
90 minutes - £13 (£10 Cons / Students)

If you plan to attend regularly then save money on a 10 Class Card (lasts three months).

10 Class Card Passes - Buy
10 x 90 minutes: £105
10 x 60 minutes: £85
Mixer Card Pass (5 x 60min / 5 x 90min): £95

Student / Concession Class Pass - Buy
10 x any class (60/90 mins): £79

NHS Worker Class Pass - Buy
10 x any class (60/90 mins): £89

Class payment methods: 
Cash, debit card, online transfer, paypal, voucher, card pass

Prices for courses, workshops and events are dependent on the course, workshop, event. See Workshop / Course section for details.

What to bring / wear?

Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own.

We also provide blocks, straps, blankets and eye cushions should you need them.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.

Avoid a heavy meal 1.5 hours before the class. 

Contact us

If you would like further details about classes or would like to enquire about private classes, please get in touch.
e - info@yogakutir.com
t - 07740720943

Attendance & Etiquette

For practically reasons, courtesy to fellow attendees and to enhance the class experience, please adhere to these rules:

1) Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins so the class can start on time. The main door will be locked once the class starts.

2) Please leave ALL belongings (including telephones) in either the coat/cloak room area or on outside staircase. 

3) Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off or on flight mode.

4) Do not have anything in the yoga room other than any equipment and water necessary for practice.

5) Payments / checkins can either be made at the beginning or end of class.

6) If you need to leave early, please leave ALL belongings (including telephones) on the outside staircase and leave as quietly as possible so not to disrupt fellow attendees.