Courses, Workshops & Events

Inspiring and in-depth yoga courses and workshops for new students through to the more experienced practitioner.


Beginners & Foundation

Our Beginners Yoga course provides a systematic introduction to the theory and practise of fundamental yoga theory, postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation. Our Foundation course goes further into practices and is suitable for anyone who has completed a beginners course as well as those who already have some practice.



We are launching several new courses and workshop series in 2020. A ‘Meditation’ course, ‘Yoga Philosophy’ course and an in-depth new series titled Beyond Asana. See dates below.

To be notified about a new Pranayama course, an Intermediate Yoga course, the next intake of our new Yoga Teacher Training course (2021), and a Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme, please register your interest here.


Enlightened Asana

The Enlightened Asana series are comprehensive workshops delving deeper into the understanding and practice of yoga. With detailed application and technique of asana and other yoga practices, we explore the workings of the subtle body, classical yoga theory and new concepts. We can begin to experience a greater richness in our practice.

Beyond Asana

This series of workshops launching in 2020 with explore yoga beyond asana drawing on teachings from the Vedas, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and other seminal yogic texts. Looking through the lens of going beyond the asana, enrich your practise and your life.

2019/20 Calendar