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November Yoga Day – Restoration through Asana & Pranayama

  • Clifton Library 13 Princess Victoria Street Bristol, England, BS8 4BX United Kingdom (map)

Enlightened Asana Series: Yoga Day – Restoration through Asana & Pranayama
Sunday 25th November / 9.30am - 5pm
(90 min break in between morning/afternoon sessions)
Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS84BX

A full day of yoga to slow down, de-contract, recharge, revitalise and to go deeper into our practice.

"The surgeon uses a microscope to magnify his field of work. We magnify our field of work and observation by calling into play out total living sensory field. We open all the sensory areas of the brain. We open all the proprioceptive sensory fibers from the head to the feet.” Rollin Becker

When practicing yoga asana we should be working with total awareness that encompasses the fullness of our being: The physical body; the energy body; the emotional body; the mental body; the breathing body. These dimensions are intimately connected. What happens inside and away from the physical framework of the posture is the essence of the asana practice. It's where the magic happens. No matter what 'picture-postcard' posture you can master or anatomical precision you can muster, if the practice remains solely in the realms of the physical there is no yoga happening. It's gymnastics, acrobatics, which is no bad thing. But to elevate a movement, a posture to an enriched status, to yoga, we need to experience and acknowledge what's happening on the inside. Are we fully aware of the subtle body? Or are are we thinking about ice-cream in our Trikonasana? Are we doing the posture to impress, to show off, for the camera, or are we doing it to understand ourselves? Is it a true posture (for ourself) or false posture (for others)?

The brain moves quicker than the body. So movement must be slow, to allow the body time to comprehend what is happening to it. The brain makes the plan, the energy body initiates the movement and the physical body moves. Today more than ever the importance of slowing down is vital for our wellbeing. In a hyper-fast society, the body is constantly being rushed, stimulated and burned out. It's as if speed has somehow permeated and become trapped in our cellular make up and nervous system. Learning how to slow things down is a powerful practice. It's imperative to replenish and calm down the nervous system.

Over the course of 6 hours we will explore a range of both supported and non-supported asanas, movements and pranayama techniques to help reconnect, reconfigure and rebalance the equilibrium of our being.

The asana work will include forward bending, back bending, twistings, inversions, seated and standing postures, practiced and supported in a way to fully access total body awareness. The duration of some postures will be prolonged to enable the body to ripen and release, and to create optimum conditions for the breathing/subtle body system. As well as incorporating pranayama and breathing techniques into the asanas, we will also practice dedicated pranayama techniques.

The day is structured as a class format rather than workshop format (our workshop dates can be found here).

There is a 75 / 90 minute break half way through the day. Have a light snack in between sessions eg. rice, vegetables, soup, dried fruits, nuts, fruit.

This day is open to all who have at least one year of yoga practice. Not suitable for complete beginners. (Those that attend our classes and have been practicing for less than a year, please get in touch and we can advise if this day is suitable).

Teacher: Rory Viggers

"My current study of yoga asana and movement revolves around the Centered Yoga system developed by pioneering world leading facilitator, Dona Holleman. She is globally regarded as one of the best asana teachers. Her 50 years of practice (and up to 8 hours a day of asana practice) has helped her to perfect the asana. Having studied with Dona for the past four years, her philosophy, teaching methods and knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies form the inspiration of these immersions. I practice yoga asana daily between 2.5 to 4 hours".

Yoga mats and equipment will be provided (feel free to bring your own mat).

Cost: (£60 - early bird) £65
Yogakutir members can use class card credits towards this - please enquire here.
10% discount available for students and concessions - please enquire here.

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"Rory is one of the best teachers in Bristol, by regularly attending his classes I have been able to achieve a moving meditative experience that has inspired me to continue to grow and develop my own practise. Rory is committed to continually develop and share a depth of knowledge that continues to inspire. Thank you"

"Following a move to Clifton I joined classes following a recommendation from a friend who regularly attended Yogakutir, which speaks volumes in itself and it certainly did not disappoint. I was looking for more than just a regular yoga practice and this has been expertly delivered and further enhanced after attending focused workshops with Rory & a retreat with Dory over the last year. The years of experience & knowledge both share during each practice provided the therapy I needed - as of course yoga is far more than postures on a mat.  Yogakutir has actually changed my life and I very much look forward to continuing my journey in the coming years with their guidance & support - and they are both so lovely with it too"

"My Tuesday early morning yoga class with Rory is the highlight of my week. Its a fantastic way to start my day. I've learnt not just yoga practices but breathing techniques. Each week is different and I can't recommend the class enough."

"I love Rory's no-nonsense, gentle approach and I always leave feeling peaceful and energised at the same time."

"Rory's class on a Sunday evening is my anchor point for each week. The asanas are challenging and the relaxation is incredible. I look forward to the class immensely and feel the benefit all week - the best thing I do for me!"

"I enjoy Rory’s classes so much that if I had to move out of the area, I would find a way to get back to Clifton at least once a week."

"Rory's yoga classes are excellent. I really appreciate the variation in sequences from class to class, and Rory's attention to detail and ability to describe poses and movements. Rory, you are an inspiring yoga teacher!"

"I try to get to Rory's class every week. The practice is different each time, and I like the way he breaks things down to help with a physical understanding of the postures."

"Thank you for some wonderful classes, I feel I learn something new each time I'm at class. This is prob the most technical yoga I've done and I'm really enjoying it."