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Yoga Workshop: Chakras - harnessing the power within

  • Clifton Library 13 Princess Victoria Street Bristol, England, BS8 4BX United Kingdom (map)

Yoga Workshop: Chakras - harnessing the power within
With Dory Walker
Sunday 2nd October

9.30am - 12pm
Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8 4BX

The physical aspect of Yoga (the asana's - postures) is only one dimension of practice. In classical yogic theory, the asanas are near the bottom rung of the ladder of Yoga, preparing the body and mind for higher states of being. Relying on pure physical and muscular effort can only go so far and will eventually extinguish no matter how much anatomical strength and genetic suppleness one has. We need to learn to delve deeper, beyond pure physical effort, to enhance the vitality and true understanding of the asana, and comprehend a greater purpose of Yoga.

We have the capability to harness a greater power.

A universal force exists that makes plants grow, night and day happen, and the cycle of birth and death. With our heightened human intellect and ego, we have constructed environments, both physically and mentally, that have taken us out of this life force flow. This energy, this life force can realign us and give our yoga practice vitally and deeper meaning than that of pure anatomical force.

This energy has many different names. In Chinese culture and Martial Arts it's Chi. In Yoga it's known as Prana Shakti. 

This energy is within us, all around us, it pervades everything. Like we have a system of nerves and blood vessels within the anatomical body, on a subtle level we have energetic mapping. Within this system there are points, hubs, centres where these energetic roads connect. In yogic theory they are known as Chakras, energy centres. There are many Chakras, seven of which form the major hubs. Each centre has different aspects and elemental qualities such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will explore some of the Chakras and elements through asana, pranayama & mantra.

Cost: £25
(£65 for all three workshops (October / November / December 2016)).

Yogakutir 10 Class Card students can use credits as part payment. Student discount also available. To enquire about either, please contact us.


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