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Enlightened Asana Workshop Series I : 3 - Simple Backbends

  • Clifton Village Bristol (map)

Enlightened Asana Workshop Series I: 3 - Simple Backbends
Saturday 2nd December 2017 | 9am - 12pm
Location: Downstairs / Ground Floor of Clifton Library
13 Princess Victoria Street, BS84BX

A trio of workshops delving deeper into the Asana (posture).

The human body is a living organism logically designed and evolved for locomotion. The yoga asana must enhance the body's inherent movement, function and form. The asana needs to serve the body and not the other way around (yoga is our servant). What may look a visually 'impressive' posture is not a measure of the 'true' posture.

The asana (form) is similar in all yoga systems. What differentiates it is the approach. 

The workshops focus on three asana sets: 1. Standing Postures, 2. Forward Bends (and twists) and 3. Simple Backbends. 

Learning how to initiate movement from the energy/subtle body can bring greater consciousness, grace, vitally and wholeness to a posture - our practice becomes much richer. 

We will explore principles of rooting, anatomical precision and alignment, 'not doing', hara (energy centre), intension, universal forces, awareness and breathing practices, to experience the asana from a fresh perspective and uncover the true asana that resides within each of us.

Backbends are one of the more hazardous yoga asana sets as more often than not people practice them incorrectly. The architecture of such postures very much depends on where the backbend begins. Supine, vertical, inverted and prone backbends all have a different starting point and construction. We will look at the technical application, anatomy and movement of the body as well as other practices to enhance such asanas. 

Teacher: Rory Viggers

"Currently my primary study of yoga asana and movement revolves around the Centered Yoga system developed by pioneering world leading facilitator, Dona Holleman. Having studied with Dona for the past three years, her philosophy, teaching methods and knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies form the inspiration of these workshops".

The workshops are suitable for all levels (except for complete beginners). Each workshop is structured as a stand alone format (although attending all three will provide greater depth to your practice).

Yoga mats and equipment will be provided (feel free to bring your own mat).

Cost: £20
Yogakutir members can use 2 class card credits towards workshops - please enquire here.
10% discount available for students and concessions - please enquire here.


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