Meditation Courses

Meditation is an ancient universal system of knowledge. Approach to it varies, but the basic principles remain. This course will present the foundations of meditation from a classical yogic perspective. We will use the breath and mantra as tools to develop concentration.

Asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control) practise primes the body and mind for the higher rungs of raja yoga. Meditation is the essence of all yoga practise – in the yoga sutras it is said ‘yoga chitta vritti nirodha’ – yoga is the stilling of the thinking mind.

Meditation asks us to look within, to turn our attention and awareness to the inner world and landscape of our thoughts. For many, life is lived mostly ‘out there’ in a world of sensory impressions and experience. So what do we find when we look within ourselves? The internal plane of the mind can be chaotic, the vacillation of thoughts this way and that, the mind in a constant state of chatter, liking this, not liking that, grasping at things. This continual movement drains our ability to be still, to be present, to simply Be. It clouds our discernment. The idea behind meditation is to gain control over this internal world, to find balance and peace. With meditation (as with all yoga practices) we work on ourselves, the task at hand is us.  

Gaining control of our thoughts fosters peace and contentment in our lives. Everything is in a constant state of flux. Things come and go. We breathe in and out. To live we have to have the ability to receive breath and in the same way let it go. It is a continuous cycle and is mirrored throughout nature. The seasons roll by in a seemingly unending cycle. Acceptance of this as with all things changing helps with equanimity of mind.

Happiness is something everyone wants. And wanting we go looking, often blindly and in the wrong places. If we try to find it in the shopping basket, in a relationship or in a certain job, etc., we are in a endless, unquenchable cycle of desire of ‘if' and ‘when'. All of these external forces are changing. It is our ability to control our thoughts and internal landscape that pave the way to true and lasting happiness. With simple yoga and meditation techniques we all have access to the vast peace and happiness that is our true nature and lies within each and every one of us.

Who can practice meditation?
Everyone! Suitable for complete beginners.

What to bring / wear?
Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Avoid a heavy meal before the class.

Next course dates.

Next course date TBC
Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, BS8

Teacher: Dory Walker

Any questions?

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