Past Workshops & Events
(a list of some of our previous workshops and events. For future workshops and courses see the Courses / Workshops section).

2016 Workshops

Exploring the significance of Surya in our practice - Saturday 25th June
The Sun (Surya) plays an integral role in our lives, bestowing radiant health, vitality, longevity and mental clarity.  As we find ourselves at the halfway point in the year and the Summer solstice we will explore the symbolism and practises of Surya; on and off our yoga mats. 

Backbends - Sunday 22nd May
Backward bending asanas are energising and rejuvenating. They can be very exhilarating, bestow courage and bring lightness to the body and mind. There is an old adage, ‘you are as young as your spine is flexible’. Backbends ask us to ‘come out of our shells’ and embrace life. They develop our ability to trust, to adapt to change and see things from a different perspective. So much of life is experienced through the front of the body; we spend our lives reaching, bending and also too much time hunching forward. Worries are often placed on our shoulders and backs and we carry them around with us. Backbends help us put down these mental loads that over time become stiffness and inflexibility in our bodies. They offer a new perspective and way of looking at things.

The Dance of Kali - Sunday 24th April
The Dance Of Kali focuses on the powerful Goddess Kali; the fiercest aspect of the feminine and not to be taken lightly. Kali is formidable in her fierceness; the Goddess of revolution. The symbolism of Kali offers insights to enrich our yoga practise. Her tongue symbolises the power of yogic will, eating up desires and thoughts that obstruct our awareness and luminosity. She is a Goddess of fierce love and radical change. She shows up in the fury of battle and possesses transmutative strength, allowing a space for radical creative freedom.

Spring Equinox Yoga workshop - Surya & Gayatri - Sunday 20th March
The Spring equinox is a point in the year when day and night are of equal length / in balance (4.30am, 20th March 2016) before the Surya ( sun) energy moves into dominant transition. We will explore this momentary equilibrium of energy to bring balance to breath, body and mind. 

Hanuman Flight - playing with gravity: Headstands - Sunday 28th February / 10am - 12pm
Hanuman is the most devoted of deities with the spirit of a playful child and boundless energy. Developing steadiness and ease in inversions, we will explore several inverted asanas with a particular emphasis on headstand (sirsasana) and headstand variations as well as introducing some arm balance practices.

Ganesha Grounding - Sunday 24th January
Focusing on the energies and symbolism of the elephant deity Ganesha, we find strength in the asanas to adapt to the obstacles of life and experience the grounding quality of our yoga practice. We will explore pranayama, mudra, mediation and mantra to reawaken our boundless energy and help invoke foundations for positive living...

2015 Workshops

Journey to stillness: End of year reflections - Sunday 13th December
In this 2 hour workshop we will use asana, pranayama and meditation practices to access a space of stillness and reflect on the past year as we move towards the Winter Solstice and the days once again lengthen and the light returns.

Practices to open the heart - Sunday 22nd November
This months Yoga Workshop focuses on practices to open the heart. We will explore the all-powerful Anahata chakra through heart based asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditations, chanting & relaxation.

Forward Bends - Sunday 18th October / 10am - 12pm
Explore the principles of forward bends. Experience and learn about their effect on the nervous system, body, mind and senses.

2014 Workshops:

Saturday 2nd November: Playing with Gravity and Balance
In this workshop we will be looking at the role of gravity and how our understanding of it helps us play with balance, finding more freedom and balance in all the asanas. Align with gravity, move skilfully and enjoy a playfulness as we flow through some vinyasa sequences. 

Saturday 23rd November: Lightness in the standing asanas
This workshop will look at the legs and at the element of earth that is vital in standing poses. Will also look at the interplay of the earth with the other elements to keep our standing poses light and fluid. We will explore how to keep the joints open and communicating through the lines in the physical and energy bodies.

Saturday 21st December: Winter Solstice yoga morning
Celebration of the winter solstice. A morning of nourishing practises and celebration of Jyoti, Divine Light.

Saturday 4th October: : Moving Consciously with Breath
Exploring the importance of conscious intention and the power of breath within our yoga practise.

Thursday 20th November - 18th December 2014: 5 week Meditation and Vedic chanting course (5 Weeks)
Learn and practise various meditation techniques, plus learn and chant Vedic mantras. No previous experience necessary.

Saturday 19th July 2014 - Yoga Workshop: Inversions
Playing with Gravity - Turn your world up side down with a morning of inversions and variations.

Saturday 31st May 2014 - Trikonasana and beyond.
Finding a firm foundation in the standing poses. 

Saturday 26th April 2014 - Twist and Detox for Spring.
A morning exploring the power and value of twisting for the health of the spine and digestive system. 

2013 Workshops

Saturday 20th July - Summer yoga day: a one day mini retreat.
Creating a balanced practice: A whole day of yoga, meditation, relaxation, pranayana and vedic chanting, plus learn about yogic principles of diet and nutrition. Morning session includes breakfast smoothie and yoga class. Whole day includes morning breakfast smoothie, morning yoga class, lunch, afternoon yoga workshop.

Friday 17th May 2013 - Workshop: The Power of Mantras
In this workshop we will be exploring different types of Mantras and how to use them; for meditative asana practise and chanting to create emotional balance. We will look at the power of sound, the effect on mind and body and learn the meanings of some simple Sanskrit mantras and kirtans.

Sunday 28th April 2013  - Workshop: Chakras, Breath and increasing Flexibility of the Spine.
An exploration into the chakras, how they relate to our lives on a physical, mental and energetic level. We will look at how an understanding of this can help release blockages that show up in the body, increasing spinal strength and flexibility.

2012 Workshops

Monday 26th November  - Talk and delicious raw desserts evening
Talk - 'How to Gain Greater Clarity, Energy and Spiritual Connection Through What We Eat.' 
Saskia Fraser, the UKs Raw Food and Life Coach for busy women, discusses the benefits of introducing raw food into your diet for energy and vibrantly good health. In this fun and accessible talk she’ll be explaining what raw food is and how it works with your body to de-stress you, energise you, help you look more youthful and attain your natural weight. Saskia will be sharing practical raw food tips and secrets to help improve your wellbeing long term. With an understanding of raw food you can look forward to a life full of energy, vitality and natural beauty. Delicious raw treats also available!

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th November 2012 - Urban yoga and raw food weekend
About the weekend: Dory Walker and Saskia Fraser blend their special kind of magic to bring you a deliciously inspiring and relaxing yoga and raw food weekend retreat in the heart of central London.The retreat will be held at the Neal’s Yard meeting rooms set in a vibrant and atmospheric square in London's Covent Garden. Come and unwind your body and top up your spirit with 2 days of replenishing soul food. Dory will be leading the yoga sessions which will explore the power of the breath as a de-toxing force within dynamic flow and restorative yin practices. Pranayama, meditation, chanting and yoga nidra will be taught on both days. Over the 2 days Saskia, a leading raw food mind-body-spirit coach, will explain the amazing benefits of eating a diet high in raw foods and will demonstrate how to make simple, delicious and satisfying raw dishes for everyday life. You’ll discover how to integrate more raw food into your diet for suppleness, a still mind and positive energy to help you with your practice. Both days will begin with a 2 hour asana and pranayama class. This will be followed by a break for a snack and then an introduction and talk about raw food and the benefits. Delicious snacks and a raw food lunch will be provided on both days. After lunch there will be yoga nidra, meditation and chanting practise. To round off each day there will be a raw food recipe demonstration and talk.

Sunday 16th September - Autumn Equinox Cleanse Yoga Day
In this workshop we will  be looking at how the energetic balance of the chakra system supports cleansing and alignment, through bija mantras, visualization, nutrition and breathing practices. We will explore how this relates to the tattwas (elements) and how it has an effect on us internally and externally on a seasonal basis. “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” Rumi

Saturday 31st March - Kriyas Workshop: Learn yogic cleansing techniques
A morning workshop introducing a variety of techniques to cleanse the body and mind.

Friday August 31st: New Moon Yoga Workshop
Come and enjoy a nourishing 2 hour practise to align with the new moon. The practise will include instructions on settling a Sankalpha (resolve) and giving space for the voice of intuition.

Friday 13th April - The Thread Of Breath
A two hour class focusing on breath led movement and its power to give us more freedom and space in our mind and bodies. We will explore the essence of Vinyasa and explore our own creative flow.

Friday 2nd March - Bhakti & Backbends
The class will move through a flowing asana sequence gradually exploring and moving deeper into backbends. We will also be looking at how Mudras, chanting, and pranayama practices can create space and bring focus to Hridaya (the spiritual heart space).

Monday 3rd October - Meditation and Mantras Evening (8 Week Course)
An 8 week course exploring mantra, the power of sound and meditation techniques. To be covered...
Why meditate? Benefits of meditation What is a mantra? The power of mantras Incorporating meditation and mantra into daily life

Sunday 11th December - Forward bends and yoga nidra
We explore forward bends through a long flowing morning practise and the afternoon will be exploring the power of yoga nidra to foster positive resolve.

Sunday 23rd October - Yoga Day #1 - Prana and the energy body
We will be looking at how awareness of energy effects our asana practise, how we move and learning to flow in rhythm with our energy.

Shanti Shack -  World of Wellbeing area, WOMAD Festival
Friday 29th - Sunday 31st July
Come and find us at this years WOMAD Festival where we will be hosting the Shanti Shack, a space for Holistic Massage and Treatments located in the Well Being area. "Take a break from the excitement of the festival and escape into the World of Well-Being where you can relax with a massage or visit the cafe. The World of Wellbeing is located opposite the Taste the World stage."

Astrology Meditation Evening with Nick Hughes
Friday 7th October / Friday 11th November / Friday 2nd December
Nick Hughes is a very talented and experienced astrologer and we are very excited to have him coming back to yogaKutir for 3 follow up sessions. The purpose of these meditations is to experience the planets and the stars directly, not just out there in the cosmos but also within us physically, emotionally and spiritually. The meditations are facilitated by Nick Hughes who runs his own astrology school and also works as a consulting astrologer, homoeopath and healer. It is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those already familiar with astrology and meditation.

7th October – The dual nature of Venus: Most people are aware that Venus was the goddess of love and beauty but when we look deeper into her astrological and mythical nature we encounter a much more dualistic picture. Venus can be seen as a morning star in the east and as an evening star in the west at different times in its orbit.  Venus rules two signs of the zodiac, Taurus, which she passes through in the Spring and Libra which she passes in the Autumn. While Venus can correspond to the highest expression of love, she can also descend to embody the darker side of desire and jealousy.

Over the next six months the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will occupy Taurus and Libra respectively bringing out this dual nature of Venus and emphasising issues of love, desire, harmony, beauty and relationships in our lives.

11th November – The conjunction of Mercury and Venus
From mid October to late November Mercury and Venus will be side by side, locked in an unusually long conjunction. Mercury is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hermes and Venus is the Roman version of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology Hermes and Aphrodite had a child together called Hermaphroditos who became a blend of male and female sexuality. This prolonged coupling of Hermes and Aphrodite in the heavens enables us to explore our inner male and female natures and to open up important lines of connection and dialogue between the two.

2nd December – The Lunar Eclipse on 10 December
This evening will look at the total lunar eclipse that will occur on 10th December at 18° Gemini.

Lunar eclipses are where the Moon passes within the shadow of the Earth. As the Moon relates to the subconscious, water and memory it is a time where the shadow can emerge from these areas, be faced and then released. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and so this eclipse will relate to thought and communication. It is an opportunity to release old ideas and beliefs about the world and what is true.

About Nick Hughes: Nick is a practicing astrologer, homoeopath and healer. He also teaches astrology at beginner and advanced levels and has recently set up his own astrology school. His main interest is in promoting greater self awareness and in reconnecting to the cosmos in our daily life.