Beginners Yoga Courses

The beginners Yoga course provides a systematic introduction to the theory and practise of yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation. A strong foundation is built as the student learns about the benefits of practise. And explores the importance of yogic breathing techniques, proper relaxation, and the principles of yogic diet, positive thinking and meditation. This course is the perfect foundation to prepare students to move on and get the most out of attending open classes. Yoga practise promotes increased strength, flexibility and positive mental outlook.

We have been running the beginners courses for over 10 years. As our continued study of yoga evolves, so do our courses.

(Courses run in 5 - 8 week blocks - You can still join a course one week after it starts).

Next course dates.

September Beginners Yoga Course (6 Weeks)
Starts TUESDAY 17th September 2019
6.30pm - 7.45pm

Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8
Teacher: Selina Ratcliffe
Cost: £69* (10% student / cons discount - please enquire below)

October Beginners Yoga Course (6 Weeks)
Starts WEDNESDAY 2nd October 2019
7.15pm - 8.30pm

Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8
Teacher: Rory Viggers
Cost: £69* (10% student / cons discount - please enquire below)

January Beginners Yoga Course (7 Weeks)
Starts WEDNESDAY 8th January 2020
7.15pm - 8.30pm

Clifton Library, 13 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8
Teacher: Rory Viggers
Cost: £79* (10% student / cons discount - please enquire below)


To book onto a beginners course and confirm your place, please complete the online booking form and make a secure payment.

If a course is full, please contact us to be added to a waiting list.

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*Enquiries / other payment methods
If you would like to ask a question about the beginners courses, enquire about a course date, be put on a waiting list for a course, student discounts, or for alternate payment methods (bank transfer / cheque / cash), please contact us:

*Terms and conditions: The beginners courses are non-refundable, if you are unable to attend the course after week 1, but no later, you can transfer your place onto another course or have credit for drop in classes (to be used within three months from agreed date).

Who can practice yoga?
Everyone! All ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities!

What to bring / wear?
Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own. Wear loose, comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. Avoid a heavy meal 1.5 hours before the class. 

What happens if a miss a week of the course?
The course is structured in a progressive way so each week we recap the main points from the previous week. If you have to miss a week for whatever reason, you would be able to catch up the following week. If you are unable to make the first session, you could begin in week 2.

Benefits of yoga.
The practice of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation, meditation & mindfulness practices have a direct effect on our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. It is a complete and beautiful discipline.

Yoga promotes flexibility, strength, balance, pose and resilience. Mentally it encourages positivity and mental clarity, it fosters mindfulness and stillness which enhance decision making.

There are many yoga practices to cultivate a balanced mind, foster physical and mental resilience, feel fantastic, be mentally and physically fit and experience positive change in our lives and make a beneficial impact on others.

Course Feedback.

We seem to progress quickly and leant new things each week. I’ve learnt about breathing and better ways of stretching. It was over too soon! Looking forward to continuing.
— Nick T
Learnt breathing techniques which help me relax in the working day
— JW
Friendly, welcoming, informative, encouraging to all abilities. I’m enjoying exercise again! Thank you!
— KB
A huge THANK YOU for providing a hugely enjoyable course
— CL
I liked repeating routines in a way where they didn’t have to be perfect the first time round - and then you learn to neaten it up as you go. I think I learn much faster this way. I loved the sessions, you are a great teacher!
— H
Amazing to appreciate my own body and be mindful of feelings... just brilliant
— SS
The breathing exercises have helped boost my energy
— LB
This course has been an excellent introduction to Yoga for a complete beginner. I would definitely recommend it to anybody
— KE