Class & Retreat Testimonials

"Rory is one of the best teachers in Bristol, by regularly attending his classes I have been able to achieve a moving meditative experience that has inspired me to continue to grow and develop my own practise. Rory is committed to continually develop and share a depth of knowledge that continues to inspire. Thank you"

"Following a move to Clifton I joined classes following a recommendation from a friend who regularly attended Yogakutir, which speaks volumes in itself and it certainly did not disappoint. I was looking for more than just a regular yoga practice and this has been expertly delivered and further enhanced after attending focused workshops with Rory & a retreat with Dory over the last year. The years of experience & knowledge both share during each practice provided the therapy I needed - as of course yoga is far more than postures on a mat.  Yogakutir has actually changed my life and I very much look forward to continuing my journey in the coming years with their guidance & support - and they are both so lovely with it too"

"My Tuesday early morning yoga class with Rory is the highlight of my week. Its a fantastic way to start my day. I've learnt not just yoga practices but breathing techniques. Each week is different and I can't recommend the class enough."

“I am still feeling the positive effects from my break. Dory, by far, is the best teacher I have had in 18 years...”

"I love Rory's no-nonsense, gentle approach and I always leave feeling peaceful and energised at the same time."

"Rory's class on a Sunday evening is my anchor point for each week. The asanas are challenging and the relaxation is incredible. I look forward to the class immensely and feel the benefit all week - the best thing I do for me!"

"I enjoy Rory’s classes so much that if I had to move out of the area, I would find a way to get back to Clifton at least once a week."

"Rory's yoga classes are excellent. I really appreciate the variation in sequences from class to class, and Rory's attention to detail and ability to describe poses and movements. Rory, you are an inspiring yoga teacher!"

"I try to get to Rory's class every week. The practice is different each time, and I like the way he breaks things down to help with a physical understanding of the postures."

Dory & Rory

“Thanks so much for a wonderfully inspiring week of yoga. I particularly enjoyed the singing and chanting. I really hope I can practise with you again.”

“Thank you for such a lovely yoga holiday and experience - you’ve reminded me how much I love it. I will think of you as I peddle fiercely through London on my bike shrieking Shanti Shanti Shanti!”

“You have taken my body on a magical journey! Whoever you are a yogi to should consider themselves very lucky!”

“Thank you for a really special week. You’re a shining light, Om Shanti.”

“What an amazing time! Thank you for helping get me back on track with yoga. It’s really been a magical experience. Keep up the fabulous chanting!”

“Wow! I’ve had an amazing week - thank you. You’ve helped me become more open, energised and ready for the next chapter of my yoga adventure.”

“Thanks for another wonderful week of yoga. You are an amazing teacher!”

“It was an incredible pleasure to meet you and enjoy your class. You have a lovely heart!”

“You have an amazing gift - thank you for sharing it with us.”

“Thank you for sharing your yoga journey, your beautiful chanting and your ability to inspire.”

“It’s been such a treat to have you guide us at this lovely retreat. This is the start of something special and thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Yoga Magazine - Yoga teacher of the month (May 2017)